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Our Residential Architectural Services in Cambridge

Residential Architecture

At Alun Designs, we offer residential architectural services in Cambridge to help you fulfil your dream of creating the perfect home. Whether you're looking for an accessible home or just want to add some character, our professional team will take care of every detail so that you can enjoy the finished product without any worries.

We also offer interior design services so that our clients are able to choose exactly what they want in their homes—without having to worry about the technicalities involved in making those dreams come true!

Our Commercial Services in Cambridge

Residential Architecture

We offer a full range of commercial services, from architectural design to development and refurbishment. We work with local businesses to develop their space and improve its functionality, so they can make the most of their space.

We offer everything from schools and universities to offices, sports and leisure facilities, warehouses, agricultural projects, civil defence and service authorities, and interior design.

Our commercial architectural design services in Cambridge are designed to help you make the most of your space. Whether you're looking for a new office layout or want to revamp your warehouse, our team can help.

Other Services

Residential Architecture

We also offer a wide range of other services in the Cambridge area, from building surveying and structural design to quantity surveying, ecology and civil engineering, transportation and access audits. We have a goal of providing you with the best service possible.


Home Extensions


Every year we design over a hundred extensions to private homes.

We are able to interpret our client's requirements, to meet their budget constraints, & to successfully negotiate the necessary approvals from the Local Authority.

All of our designs are individual, & are prepared to reflect our client's wishes.

We offer a design and application service, and when required can project manage the construction to give our clients total piece of mind.


Residential Extension

Loft Conversions


We prepare the designs for over 80 Loft Conversions every year, both directly for householders, as well as for Loft Conversion companies. Architectural drawings might sound fancy, but they’re an essential part of achieving a quality loft conversion. Alun Design specialise in designing loft conversions. We work with our clients to help bring their visions to life, and take the first step in creating their bespoke perfect space.

Loft conversion designs speed up the building process and maximise the potential living space of your loft. We would always recommend getting an architect on board. That’s because loft conversions require additions to your roof, often, increasing space and head height. Projects that change the exterior appearance of your home come under stricter planning, so you’ll need someone to design your space who has an understanding of both planning, and experience in creating approved structures in the past.

Lofts can be challenging to design, but the benefits to the end user are huge. We will be able to advise you on potential designs, what you will need to have in place in order to comply with the Building Regulations, or if in fact you will require planning permission. To be on the safe side, check with your local planning authority before starting any work.

Our services have helped homeowners in Cambridge, Essex and the surrounding counties, to unlock the full potential of their loft space.


Residential Loft

Barn Conversions


Alun Design Consultancy has been responsible for the design of over 100 barn conversions, taking unhabitable agricultural buildings and turning them into fine residences for our clients.

Before the building work begins, careful negotiation is required with Conservation Officers from the Local Authority, to achieve these challenging conversions.

All barn conversions designed by us, respect the design and heritage of the building, and introduce a pleasing blend of contemporary interiors, making the most of the natural light available.

We have carried out barn conversions in Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire and across the South of England. This has enabled us to work with truly bespoke buildings and materials, contributing to our team's wealth of experience.


Residential Barn

New Homes


Alun Design prepare have designed hundreds of new homes over the years, from the individually designed home for specific clients, to the developer house type and estate design.


New Homes

Listed Building Work


We have many years experience of working on Listed Buildings, Barn Conversions and in Conservation Areas . We have built up a good relationship with local planning and conservation officers . We believe in the use of traditional materials and maintaining the character of the local area. We complete approx 6-7 barn conversions and 20-30 listed buildings a year.


Listed Building

Interior Design


Every year, we are commissioned to carry our interior design schemes to serve the residential market.

Whether it be space planning,  furniture or fitting design, Alun Design are adept at interpreting the clients requirements, and at producing designs which both inspire and meet the budget requirements of the client.


Interiior Image

Accessible Home


For many years we have been designing alterations to our client's homes to provide them with the quality of life that Independent Living design provides.
As registered access auditors and designer, we are ideally placed to give informed, knowledgeable and imaginative design solutions to meet our client's needs.


Access Image



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