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Listed buildings & conservation areas

Our listed building architects complete approximately 6-7 barn conversions and 20-30 listed buildings a year and our close relationship with local planning and conservation officers has been forged over years of working on listed buildings and barns in conservation areas. Working with historic buildings is a privilege, and it is our enthusiastic approach to sympathetic maintenance and development that has earned us the trust to take on such projects.

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Old building representing Alun Design Consultancy's Listed building architects service

Our familiarity with the process of gaining consent and applying for planning permission for listed buildings saves valuable time and reduces stressful and costly re-submissions. It is always wise to remember, however, that the process of developing historic buildings is likely to take longer than developing a standard residential home. We pride ourselves on communication throughout the process, ensuring any issues that arise are swiftly met with effective solutions.

When working on Listed Buildings, our listed building architects approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that any necessary alterations or renovations are undertaken with utmost care and respect for the building’s historic significance. Our team combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of conservation principles to strike a delicate balance between preservation and enhancement.

Similarly, Barn Conversions require a thoughtful approach to repurpose these structures into functional and comfortable living spaces while retaining their rustic charm. We embrace the inherent character of barns and collaborate closely with clients to create designs that honour the building’s heritage while fulfilling modern lifestyle needs.

Thatched cottage
Terraced red brick cottages
Sandstone brick building with turquoise door

Listed building FAQs

Why are listed building architects different from standard architects?
Listed building architects specialise in working with historic and protected structures, navigating the unique challenges and regulations associated with preserving listed buildings, while standard architects handle a broader range of projects.

Can you extend a grade 2 listed building?
Yes, it is possible to extend a Grade 2 listed building, but it requires careful planning and adherence to strict regulations to ensure the historical significance of the structure is maintained.

What is listed building consent?
Listed building consent is formal approval from local authorities for alterations, extensions, or demolition of listed structures, ensuring that proposed changes comply with preservation standards.

When is listed building consent required?
Listed building consent is typically required when making significant changes to a listed building, including alterations, extensions, or demolitions that could affect its historic character and architectural significance.


Old house symbolising Alun Design Consultancy's listed building architects service.