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Barn conversions

Alun Design Consultancy has been responsible for the design of over 100 barn conversions, taking inhabitable agricultural buildings and turning them into fine residences for our clients.

Image of modern interior living space representing Alun Design's Barn Conversion service.
Image of a barn representing Alun Design's Barn conversion service.

Before the building work begins, careful negotiation is required with Conservation Officers from the Local Authority, to achieve these challenging conversions.

All barn conversions designed by us, respect the design and heritage of the building, and introduce a pleasing blend of contemporary interiors, making the most of the natural light available. We adeptly preserves the original charm of barns, navigating unique features like timber structures, silos, and diverse ceiling heights with creative solutions that harmonise historical authenticity with modern functionality.

Our keen focus on structural considerations ensures that each barn conversion not only meets safety standards but also stands the test of time, by expertly assessing and reinforcing the structural integrity of every transformed residence.

We have carried out barn conversions in Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire and across the South of England. This has enabled us to work with truly bespoke buildings and materials, contributing to our team’s wealth of experience.

Modern building with wooden cladding and glass fronted balcony
Modern building with wooden cladding
Office working space, exposed oak beams

Barn conversion FAQs

Can I extend an existing barn conversion?
Extensive additions to barns are prone to rejection by council planners. However, smaller, subordinate extensions might be granted approval.

Is a barn conversion classed as a new build?
Lenders may have different criteria when determining which properties fall under the classification of a New Build property. Check with your mortgage provider.

Do I need planning permission to convert a barn?
Although a full planning application might not be necessary, securing a lawful development certificate is crucial for a barn conversion.

Is a barn conversion cheaper than a new build?
The cost of a barn conversion depends on various factors. Converting a property you already own is usually more economical than purchasing a new one. However, when comparing barn conversions to self-built new constructions, the former tends to be pricier.

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