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We seeking the following- Registered Architect/s, Technologists, Building Surveyors, Structural Engineers

About Us
We are an established architectural consultancy which although we undertake a broad range of works for all types of clients, our speciality is definitely working in the private client market. We are a brand within the local market place synonymous with good attractive design, achieving a high return of planning approvals, and giving our clients what they want, when they want it and at a reasonable cost.
When required we project manage our schemes on site, although this is currently only a small percentage of our total through-put of jobs. With a relatively small number of staff, 3 full time, 2 part time, 1 trainee, secretary and accounts support, we undertake around 150 jobs per annum, and are always busy.
Our intention is to build upon this sound base, and to explore possibilities to grow the company further, and to this end we are interested in hearing from individuals who of a like mind.
About you
You are probably a frustrated No 2 in your current employment. Your ideas are stifled; you may not feel rewarded sufficiently for your efforts. Your current employer’s clients ask for you, its you they want to see and to talk to. You have ideas and ambitions to work for yourself, but lack the back up, and finance. Maybe you already have a business, but can see the benefit of either joining forces with another or having a mutually beneficial working arrangement with one. Your current employment or business will probably be different to ours; if you are working in Architecture you probably have difference types of clients or a different, maybe niche market. Maybe you’re a Building Surveyor, who also dabbles with architectural design, or a structural engineer with design flare. The important thing is that there is an overlap between us, so that we can help you develop with us, giving you support and that in turn will add to our company’s diversity.
Why join us?
Of course, you can do it all on your own, take all the risks, get the benefits if you succeed, take the hits if you don’t, and spend many years establishing yourself. Alternatively you could join us, we are established, we’ve put the time in, taken the hits, and are still here. Together we can be stronger, more diverse, grow and reap the rewards.
It is our intention to recruit candidates who can offer more than we currently do, who have an entrepreneurial attitude, can work with us initially but who can then develop his / her ambition.
We would ask you to initially contact us by e-mail only please, directing to David Jones, we can then take things from there.


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