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Commercial Architecture Services

At Alun Design, our commercial architecture services cater to a wide range of clients, reflecting our extensive expertise and experience in the industry. Our client list is diverse and extensive, including prestigious organisations such as Schools, Universities, Police Authorities, The Home Office, The NHS, as well as a variety of private companies and trade organisations. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with these esteemed clients, providing them with exceptional architectural designs and specifications tailored to their specific needs.

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Lecture / theatre hall symbolising Alun design consultancy's Commercial architecture service

In the education sector, we have worked closely with Schools and Universities, designing innovative learning spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and optimal student experiences. Our designs prioritise functionality, flexibility, and cutting-edge educational trends, creating environments that inspire and facilitate effective teaching and learning.

With extensive experience in office design and space planning, we have the expertise to tackle diverse projects, including new office buildings, conversions, and refurbishments. Our team is adept at understanding your unique requirements and transforming them into practical and innovative solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. We strive to create workspaces that not only meet your functional needs but also inspire productivity and reflect your brand identity, ensuring a refreshing and inspiring environment for your employees and visitors.

At Alun Design, we bring design flair and imagination to a diverse range of projects, including sports pavilions, gymnasiums, restaurants, and bars. Our team is passionate about creating spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also exude a unique aesthetic appeal. We understand the importance of designing environments that inspire and captivate, whether it’s a dynamic sports facility or an inviting hospitality venue. With a track record of successfully completing projects, including those funded by the Lottery, we have the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional designs that enhance the user experience and exceed expectations.

In the industrial and warehousing sector, maximising potential is a key objective, and we excel at delivering designs that optimise space utilisation and functionality. Our focus is on creating efficient, attractive, and economically viable designs, where nothing goes to waste. From B8 warehousing to B2 industrial projects and everything in between, our diverse portfolio showcases our ability to tailor designs to the unique requirements of each project. By deeply understanding our client’s needs and goals, we ensure that the outcome aligns with their vision and contributes to the ultimate success of the project.

Situated in the North Essex region, Alun Design finds itself nestled amidst expansive open countryside. This unique location has granted us the privilege of serving a regular client base of farmers who trust us with their architectural needs. We frequently receive requests to assess the development potential of redundant land and buildings, utilising our expertise to uncover the possibilities hidden within these underutilised resources. Additionally, we are often approached to navigate the complex realm of obtaining consent for agricultural buildings, ranging from livestock housing to grain storage facilities. Our team’s in-depth understanding of agricultural practices, combined with our knowledge of planning regulations and building codes, enables us to provide effective design solutions that maximise functionality and efficiency while harmonising with the natural landscape. We take pride in our ability to support the farming community by transforming their aspirations and visions into reality, enhancing the productivity and sustainability of their operations.

Over the years, Alun Design has established a strong presence in the Defence and Services Authorities sector, undertaking a wide range of projects with varying requirements. Our portfolio includes designing Police Training schools, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Laboratories, Aircraft buildings, and projects within the Nuclear Industry.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed organisations such as The Home Office, HM Prison Service, Ministry of Defence, British Nuclear Fuels, Essex Police, and Essex Fire and Rescue. These partnerships reflect our capability to deliver high-quality designs that align with the unique needs and security considerations of the Defence and Services Authorities sector.

When working with Police Authorities and The Home Office, our focus is on creating secure and functional spaces that support the critical operations of law enforcement agencies. We meticulously consider security requirements, spatial planning, and workflow efficiency, ensuring that our designs facilitate the smooth and effective functioning of these vital organisations.

Within the healthcare sector, we have partnered with the NHS, designing spaces that address the specific requirements of medical facilities. Our designs prioritise patient comfort, staff productivity, and efficient workflows while adhering to stringent healthcare regulations and guidelines.

With our extensive experience and expertise in the Defence and Services Authorities sector, we are well-equipped to undertake projects within this specialised domain. Our team’s in-depth understanding of the sector’s unique challenges, combined with our commitment to excellence, allows us to deliver design solutions that meet the highest standards of functionality, security, and compliance.

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