Alun Design Consultancy


We are currently seeking the following:

  • Registered Architects
  • Technologists
  • Building Surveyors
  • Structural Engineers

About us

We are an established architectural consultancy that undertakes a broad range of work for various clients, specialising in the private client market. Our brand is synonymous with good, attractive design, high planning approval rates, and delivering clients’ desired results promptly and at a reasonable cost. Occasionally, we also manage our schemes on-site, although this accounts for a small percentage of our total workload.

With a modest team of 3 full-time, 2 part-time, and 1 trainee staff, along with secretarial and accounts support, we handle around 150 projects annually, keeping us consistently busy. Our aim is to build upon this strong foundation and explore opportunities for further company growth. Therefore, we are keen to hear from individuals who share our vision.

About you

You are probably a frustrated No 2 in your current employment. Your ideas are stifled; you may not feel sufficiently rewarded for your efforts. Your current employer’s clients ask for you; it’s you they want to see and talk to. You have ideas and ambitions to work for yourself, but lack the backup and finance. Maybe you already have a business, but can see the benefit of either joining forces with another or having a mutually beneficial working arrangement with one.

Your current employment or business will probably be different to ours; if you are working in Architecture, you probably have different types of clients or a different, maybe niche market. Maybe you’re a Building Surveyor, who also dabbles with architectural design, or a structural engineer with design flair. The important thing is that there is an overlap between us, so that we can help you develop with us, giving you support and that in turn will add to our company’s diversity.

Why join us?

Of course, you can do it all on your own, taking all the risks, reaping the benefits if you succeed, and facing the consequences if you don’t, spending many years establishing yourself. Alternatively, you could join us. We are established, we’ve put in the time, weathered the challenges, and are still here.

Together, we can be stronger, more diverse, grow, and reap the rewards. It is our intention to recruit candidates who can offer more than we currently do, who have an entrepreneurial attitude, and can work with us initially but can then develop their ambition.